When it comes to getting the job of your dream, people make it so much more complicated than it has to be while in reality it is much simpler and easier to land your dream job. Here are easy and simple tips you can follow and put to use.

Know What You Want

Most people don’t know what they want out of life, and in most cases don’t even know why they are applying for the job in the first place. Most companies and employers do not want someone who just want to work for the safety and the paycheck. Employers want people who can really grow their business and give value to the company.

You don’t necessarily have to know everything about what you want, but you need a general idea of what you like and reasons for going into a particular field of work and career. If you don’t know why, you might as well pick a random job from the lottery.

Stand Out From The Pack

Everyone tries to stand out and in trying to stand out, most people end up looking the same. What we advise is a little different. Whatever quality you have that is an advantage you need to highlight that aspect of yourself and somehow fit it together with the company you are applying for.

If for example you are very good with numbers, showcase that in a video or work on a project that involves you to pu your math solving skills to the test and figure out a way for the employer to see that side of you. Now you have to tailor it to the specific company you are applying for so you must know what they are actually looking for and what qualities are sought after in the company.

List Relevent Experiences

You don’t want to fill your resume with just random facts and figures. If you are applying for a specific position and a job, you need to tailor it to the company. What sort of experience and work have you done that relates to the work you are applying for.

If you are applying for an engineering job and have no relevant experience, think of volunteer programs, or jobs that required you to solve problems on the go. You have to find ways on how a previous job helped you develop skills and expertise to be qualified for a job you are applying.

Build Relationship With Recruiter

The more exposure and the more contact you have with the hiring managers, the more likely you are to get hired because humans pick what they are exposed to more often and people that have somewhat of a connection with.

People hire based on personality and whether you are a good fit for the company culture, so don’t be afraid to be a human and show vulnerabilities and weaknesses. You are a human being afterall and so is the recruiter. Connect on an emotional level and be yourself. It will give you a genuine authenticity that many other people won’t have.

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